Lower cost supplies

A provider may be eligible for drugs and devices at a reduced cost through the 340B program or a group purchasing organization (GPO) such as the California Family Health Council’s Co-op or Afaxys GPO services. These distributors can offer 340B pricing for eligible entities registered on the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) website. A provider may use a product purchased through 340B pricing with any patient who meets HRSA’s definition of an eligible patient, and should contact the wholesaler or GPO for more information on available discounts. Note that GPOs are prohibited for hospitals but all other 340B-eligible entities may use them.

In addition, Afaxys GPO member may qualify for discounts on the Bayer LNG-IUS devices separate from 340B pricing.  To learn about these discounts, contact Bayer by calling (877) 229-3750 or emailing [email protected]

Some patients may qualify for reduced cost IUDs through the manufacturers’ patient assistance programs such as ARCH Patient Assistance Program for Mirena and Skyla. Refer to the section on working with self-pay patients for more information on how patients can access these programs.


340B pricing for LNG-IUS devices

Federal law requires that 340B pricing be at least 23% lower for a name brand product and 14% lower for a generic product, using the average manufacturer retail price as the basis. Manufacturers may, however, set the price at a lower level of their choosing. Liletta has a 340B price of $50. Medicines360 does not intend to change this price over time.