Too much (or little) stock

If a health center uses a fixed ordering system—meaning drugs and devices are ordered on a predetermined schedule—and finds that it runs low or has more stock than needed, try implementing a minimum/maximum inventory control system. The Pocket Guide to Managing Contraceptive Supplies has the worksheets needed to calculate minimum and maximum stock levels [13].


Who can answer other questions about ordering?

Each manufacturer of IUDs and implants has specialty support for ordering and reimbursement questions. Providers that have an account with any of the wholesale groups discussed above should contact them directly. Providers can also contact the manufacturer representative assigned to them for additional guidance.

To find a local representative:

LNG-IUS: For Mirena and Skyla, call 1-888-842-2937 and request a visit from a representative. For Liletta, call 855-545-3882 and follow the prompts to request a field sales representative. 

Copper IUD: Call 1-877-PARAGARD and ask for customer service or email paragardrequest@

Implant: Call the National Service Center at 1-800-NSC-MERCK and request to be contacted by a representative.